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Drop-In Kill Switch (Anti-Theft)



The first Kill Switch with EASY Drop-In Installation!

This Kill Switch temporarily disables your vehicle’s starter and prevents it from being driven away by car thieves–EVEN IF they have your Key Fob, use a clone of your Key Fob or if they use a Relay Attack! EASY drop-in installationNO wire splicing or cutting of factory wires required. NO permanent modifications.  Completely reversible to factory. Kit is completely plug-and-go.  **PATENT PENDING**

Does NOT affect your vehicle’s electrical system. The same effect would be if you manually pulled out your starter relay.



  1. Our custom Relay Bypass Module replaces your vehicle’s factory Starter Relay.
  2. Hide the wired Toggle Switch somewhere in your vehicle only you know.  With the Toggle Switch in the OFF position, your vehicle’s Starter will not engage.
  3. That’s it!

Do not see your model listed? Check out THIS COMPATIBILITY GUIDE or  CONTACT US 

RECENT ADDITIONS:  Kia, FJ Cruiser, RAV4, Toyota Sequoia.

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    See "Compatibility Guide" for which type of Relay you have.

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What is included in the kit:

  • Control Junction Box
  • Relay bypass module
  • Micro-Switch
  • Wiring Harness
  • Wire Connectors

Q & A

Does this void my vehicle’s warranty?
No. There is no cutting or splicing of your factory vehicle’s wiring whatsoever.  It is completely reversible, just remove the Relay Module and pop back in your factory relay module and it’s back to factory stock.

How difficult is the installations?
It is a 1 out of 5 level of difficulty. Simply replace your factory Starter Relay and replace it with in our custom Relay Module and run the Kill Switch into your cabin. Check out the installation instructions.

Is it reversible?
Yes. It is 100% reversible as there is no cutting or splicing of your vehicle’s factory wires. To restore your vehicle back to factory, just pull out the custom Relay Bypass Module and pop back in your factory relay and it’s back to factory stock.

Will this make my vehicle 100% theft-proof?
Unfortunately, if thieves want your vehicle bad enough–they can pull up a tow truck and tow your vehicle off; no amount of electronics can render your vehicle 100% theft proof.  However, the point is to make your vehicle more difficult to steal and make them give up and move on somewhere else.

Will this have any effect on my vehicle’s electronics?
No. Unlike the traditional method of installing a kill-switch, our system/kit does not cut into any of your factory’s systems. Our bypass module acts the same as if you popped your hood and physically pulled out your starter’s relay module by hand (but just much more convenient).





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