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Installation Instructions for: Kill Switch

What’s included in the box:

    • Relay bypass module (note: will have one less leg than your OEM module)
    • Control Junction Module
    • Harness for Toggle Switch
    • Toggle Switch
    • Ground Connector
    • Grommet & Butt Connectors

PLEASE NOTE: The kit’s Relay Bypass Module will have one less leg than your OEM relay (3 total). This is intentional in order to bypass the signal.

OVERVIEW Installation Instructions:

  1. Replace factory Starter Relay with Bypass Relay Module (other end to Control Module)
  2. Connect Ground Connector to Neg Batt terminal or Chassis ground (other end to Control Module)
  3. Run Harness for Toggle Switch to cabin and connect Toggle Switch (Hide Toggle Switch in location only you know) (other end to Control Module).
  4. Done!
**IMPORTANT NOTE** The Kill Switch disables the Starter but does not disable the fuel pump. On some older vehicles or vehicles with a standard key, excessive cranking (attempts to start your engine) with the Kill Switch engaged may pump excess fuel and temporarily flood your engine.  

Detailed Installation Instructions

Step 1:

Replace your vehicle’s Starter Relay with the Relay Bypass Module.

      1. Your vehicle’s starter relay is usually located in your primary fuse box under the hood. If you flip over your fuse box cover, there should be a diagram identifying which relay belongs to your vehicle’s starter. (Pro Tip: Depending on your vehicle, the RELAY identifier can sometimes be abbreviated “ST” or “STR”, “START“, etc.
      2. IMPORTANT: To ensure you located the correct starter relay module, after pulling it–try starting your vehicle. If it starts, you pulled the wrong module.  What you want is to hear a click but no sound of your starter cranking.
      3. Once you are sure you pulled the correct starter relay module; replace it with the 41.22 Relay Bypass Module. **NOTE** for Jeep / Type 1 modules, if turning off the Kill Switch fails to start your engine, the orientation of the bypass relay is incorrect; just flip it the opposite direction and it should function thereafter. 

Step 2:

Mount the Control Box

  1. Mount the Control Box near your fuse box; making certain you do not over-stretch the wire connected to the Relay Bypass Module.  Choose a location that neither the Control Box or wires rubs against any pipes or hot engine components.
  2. You may attach the Control Box via the screw mount tab or use double-stick tape.

Step 3:

Connect the ground to the negative terminal of your vehicle’s battery or a good chassis ground (you must ensure a good ground).

Step 4:

  1. Run the Switch harness from your engine compartment into your cabin.  Most vehicles will have a firewall pass-through grommet hole (example below on a Jeep JT).  Make certain the harness does not come in contact with any hot engine components or hangs loose.
  2. Attach the harness to the included Toggle Switch with the crimp butt connectors (red to red, black to black).  You may also use any aftermarket toggle switch of your choosing–be sure it is a SPST type.  
  3. In your cabin, you will want to hide your Switch somewhere you can reach while in the driver’s seat but not obvious to a potential thief. 

The Toggle Switch can be hidden just about anywhere; in the example below, it’s hidden behind a radio–with just enough of the Switch tip showing for easy toggling. 

TEST THE KILL SWITCH by toggling it off and trying to start your vehicle–it should only click and not start. 
Now depress your vehicle’s Start/Stop button into the OFF position, toggle the Kill Switch to the ON position and start your vehicle.

Keep your factory relay in a safe place. You can easily restore your vehicle to factory by placing back your factory relay module.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You are now protected!  

If you have any questions whatsoever, contact us and our team at 41.22 will be happy to assist!