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Hitch Slider

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The Hitch Slider protects your hitch receiver from trail damage & offers a centralized recovery point with a certified minimum breaking strength of 37,170lbs! Single-piece design CNC Machined from a single billet of 6061-T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum.  Real-world trail tested by ourselves as well as thousands of our customers.

There are other hitch armor plates on the market which may cost a little less but none feature recovery points which have gone through the rigorous engineering, break testing and certifications that the 41.22 Hitch Slider has; which provides you with the confidence that it will withstand the immense forces exerted during a recovery (in addition to protecting your hitch receiver).
(*for your safety, do not exceed the working load of your equipment).

100% Satisfaction guarantee, if you don’t absolutely love it, send it back for a full refund!



In stock. Due to high order volumes, expect shipment within 3-4 business days or sooner.  If you absolutely need it for an upcoming trip, contact us and we’ll do our best to expedite for you.

Proposition 65 Warning: This product may contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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The Hitch Slider protects your hitch receiver from damage.  It’s ramped underside skid allows you to smoothly glide over obstacles instead of dragging your receiver and offers a generous 1″ soft shackle or D-ring tow point. The Hitch Slider is available in several Ceramic Coated finishes and adds a unique accent to your receiver!  Precision machined from a solid billet of 6061-T6 Aircraft grade aluminum.  100% MADE IN THE USA here in our Southern California facility!

Recently named by Motortrend & FourWheeler magazine as a MUST SEE off-road product!

International Shipping also available! (Canada, Mexico, Australia, Asia and more!)

FIT GUARANTEE! If you have any questions, get a hold of us via our contact form.

LIFETIME & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: If you break it, we’ll replace it for free!  Not 100% satisfied? Send it back and we’ll refund you!

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  • Max rated: 15,000lbs | Minimum Breaking Strength: 37,170lbs
  • Ramped underside design glides over obstacles instead of digging in and hanging up on rocks and obstacles.
  • Integrated large shackle recovery point ring.
  • Solid one-piece construction machined from a single billet of aircraft grade 6061-T6 billet aluminum.
  • Updated Universal Design: Fits most 2″ receivers (receiver must be the lowest point of your bumper)
  • FITS: Jeep Gladiators, Jeep Wranglers, Toyota Tacoma, Toyota 4runner, Subaru, Chevy, Lexus GX, Ford, Dodge Ram and more!

The Hitch Slider was engineered to hold up to big hits on big obstacles!  We smashed, slammed and slid our sliders over slick rock in Moab and it not only protected our receivers from damage but also kept us from getting hung up.

In the video below, we hit the local hills to purposely slam our Hitch Sliders onto a nice rocky granite shelf.

The aftermath of the above testing.  Some scrapes, rubs and we did take some small rock samples with us but the Hitch Slider did not bend or break whatsoever!  And our receiver took no damage!


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Why is it made from aluminum and not steel?

A: We machine each Hitch Slider from a solid billet of aircraft grade aluminum (6061-T6), it’s incredibly strong and lightweight (only 3.5lbs!) whereas if made from steel would be well over 10lbs! We have also beat the heck out of our prototypes as well as our entire crew of rigs!  Yes, like anything, they do scratch up but most of it is superficial and actually look great and serve as a badge of honor and proof that you wheel hard!  Plus, once you scrape it, Aluminum will not rust like steel would!

Q: Why are they so expensive?

A: We understand they might at first seem expensive; but keep in mind they are made completely in our shop here in the USA from a big billet of aircraft grade aluminum.  The raw billet of aluminum itself is nearly $50! Not to mention adding the cost of actually machining them, coating them and shipping them.  We spared no expense and cut no corners in making them because we believe in ONLY selling the very best product we can possibly make. Products we ourselves are proud to use on our own rigs.

Q: What happens after I scrape it? Do I need to paint over the scratches?

A: No. Since it’s made from aircraft grade aluminum, it will not rust like steel would. You will also notice that most of the scraping takes place underneath the Hitch Slider, so it still looks great from above. Lastly, the vast majority of our customers report back saying they absolutely LOVE the scrapes, since it’s like a badge of honor–proving they are not just mall crawlers!

Q: Do I need to use a D-ring?

A: You can if you want but it’s really not necessary since we integrated a generous 1″ recovery point into the Hitch Slider.  This allows you to directly thread through your soft-shackles and skip having to attach extra gear.

Weight2.5 lbs
Dimensions5.75 × 2.0 × 4.0 in


10 reviews for Hitch Slider

  1. John

    This thing is beefy! Amazing fit and finish! Love it!

  2. Adrian R.

    Got this for our Moab trip. Does exactly what it supposed to do! Slid over the slick rock and protected my hitch! Looks badass on my rig!

  3. Samatha Johnson

    Awesome customer service and kick-ass product! Can’t believe I’ve only just discovered this!

  4. Sam Nuyen

    Love it! This thing is solid!

  5. Kevin I.

    Worth every penny! At first I thought it was expensive, but after holding one in my hand, I can definitely feel it is high quality. Looks awesome on my Taco!

  6. David Chan

    Saved my hitch on our last wheeling adventure for 100% sure! Hitch slider took all the abuse and looks awesome with trail battlescars! Holds up! Was recommended it by a friend and he was right!

  7. Michael Shaw

    This thing is solid and well-manufactured. It does fit the the factory Lexus Class IV hitch for the GX460, although I had to file the tiniest but of material to get it to fit on the rear-most hitch pin hole. No modification needed for the other hitch pin hole but it didn’t sit quite as deep in the hitch as I wanted. Now it fits like a glove and looks great… Can’t wait to put it to work this summer.

  8. Michael Tran

    I love this thing! I looks awesome on by blue truck. I’ve hit my hitch receiver plenty of time off-roading and didn’t think I need this until recently. My hitch is a bit bend due to a bad recovery but having this will definitely makes a different when needing a pull. High quality build.

  9. Mike Adam

    Just received my hitch slider (Desert orange) looks awesome on my Blue Gladiator.

  10. Mike Schmith

    Got one as a gift for a trip to Moab. Took a bone stock 2000 Jeep TJ and ran Fins and Things and Hells Revenge. I seriously had some HUGE scrapes and the Hitch Slider did such a great job, I began to rely on it like a 5th tire. When I say I used it – I mean it has gouges and embedded Moab rock. It absolutely works – hooked up to the Sea Doo trailed and the receiver is perfect, no damage! Get one – they work!!!

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