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Valve Stem POP-CAPS


SET of (5) Caps

STOP losing valves caps while airing up & down!  41.22 designed exclusive Valve Stem POP-CAPS retain on the stem and pop on/off instantly without needing to screw them on the valve! Universal fit. Does not interfere with air pumps, chucks, etc.  Guaranteed  to keep water, sand, mud, dust, etc. out!

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Never lose a valve-stem cap again!  41.22’s Valve-stem PopCaps feature a retaining ring which attached to the base of your valve-stem while the weather-proof cap pops on and off without having to thread them! Super quick and convenient to use and you’ll never forget them on top of your tire while airing up/down!

  • Set of (5) caps included.
  • Made from flexible polyurethane.
  • UV and Weather resistant.

**NOTE** PopCaps are designed for speed and convenience, they may not hold air should you have a valve stem failure. We recommend you keep a set of regular valve caps in your vehicle in that unlikely event.

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